My Favourite Apps and Websites For Free Stuff and Discounts!

As The Budget Babes, I’m constantly on the lookout for apps and websites that will allow me to save even more money while living in Toronto. I’ve come up with a list of my top 5 apps and websites that are free, and give me rewards just for using them. I hope you benefit from the list below as much as I have. I’ve saved a lot of money with very little effort. And because of that, it’s got me dancing like this….


This is for all of you cyclists out there! The Biko app is available for Android or iPhone and rewards you for improving your health, the environment, and your city. Once you’ve turned on the app and start your activity, the GPS will track every kilometre you ride, and you’ll receive one Biko per kilometre. Once you’ve hit 5 kilometers (or 5 Bikos), you can start to redeem! Rewards include free coffee, brewery tours, beer flights, food deliveries, and discounts at Toronto restaurants, workout classes, bike shops, online stores, and so much more.


Big into online shopping? This is the website for you. With over 750 stores to choose from, why wouldn’t you use this website to get some cash back on everything you buy? You were going to make those purchases anyways, right? Might as well save some money if you can. From stores such as Apple, GAP, Sephora, eBay, Amazon, along with so many others, you’ll see your cash back add up quickly. And if you sign up using this referral code, you get $5 cash back as a starter sign up bonus.

3. Minicards Toronto

This is our newest go-to site for finding information and discounts for fun things to do around the GTA. Minicards are small, credit-card sized informational guides that provide tourists and locals with discounts for museums, attractions, restaurants, retail stores, transportation (10% off of Via!), and so much more. Heading to Second City or the Ripley’s Aquarium? Hitting up Salad King for some yummy Thai food? Head over to Minicard Toronto to download your discount cards and start saving. You can also find the physical Minicards in tons of downtown hotel lobbies, condos, apartments, tourism centers, universities, ESL centers, and airport terminals.

4. Checkout 51

Hello? Any coupon collectors out there? Since we’re already buying toiletries, household items, and groceries, we might as well start saving some money on it. Checkout 51 is a mobile couponing app that provides users with a new list of offers every week. When you buy a product on offer, take a picture of your receipt, tick off the coupon that you are claiming, and your account will be credited with the offer amount. It’s that easy. And you’ll see your savings add up fast. Once you’ve collected $20 worth of savings, you can request a cheque in the mail!

5. Drop

Launched in 2015, this new Toronto startup will supercharge your credit and debit cards just by linking them to the Drop app. You’ll collect drop points when you buy your morning coffee, head to your favourite restaurant, or hit up the coolest events in the city. And it does it for you automatically so you don’t have to do a thing besides register. You can build your own Drop program with personalized offers that will get you more points when you shop at those stores. When you’ve collected enough Drop points, you can redeem them towards all rewards across the Drop program. And if you use the invite code h03vj, we all win extra start up points! High fives all around for Drop.

So there you have it! That’s a list of my favourite apps and websites that have been helping me save more money while living in Toronto. Do you have a favourite app or website that you use for discounts and coupons that I may not know about? I’d love to hear about it! You can contact me to get in touch!

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